2024 Public Sector Software Engineering Salary & Talent Report



In the digital age, software engineering prowess is indispensable for governmental organisations striving to deliver citizen-centric services and drive innovation. Our Software Engineering Talent & Salary Report offers a comprehensive analysis of the software engineering landscape within the public sector. Uncover leading employers shaping digital transformation, identify regional hubs of software engineering talent, stay informed about emerging trends, and access salary data tailored to the public sector. Whether you're tasked with developing mission-critical applications or seeking opportunities in governmental software engineering, this report provides the roadmap for success.

In the era of digital government, software engineering talent plays a pivotal role in developing and maintaining mission-critical applications and systems. This report offers a comprehensive overview of the public sector's software engineering landscape, encompassing top employers, talent distribution across regions, emerging industry trends, and salary insights. Whether you're seeking to recruit top engineering talent or exploring career opportunities, this report provides essential guidance to navigate the competitive landscape.


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