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Recruiting top-tier digital, data, tech, and engineering talent for charities and public sector organisations can be a daunting task. That's where we step in. Our team of specialists excels in identifying and attracting exceptional talent to fulfil your talent requirements throughout the UK, empowering your organisation to strengthen its workforce. 

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We take immense pride in partnering with some of the UK's most pioneering and forward-thinking non-profit entities.

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A Vast Network

At Understanding Recruitment NFP, we've cultivated an extensive network of highly skilled candidates in the fields of digital, data, technology, and engineering. These professionals are not only experts in their domains but are equally passionate about contributing to charitable causes and the public sector. 

Sector Knowledge

Our team goes beyond just understanding the unique challenges and opportunities within the non-profit sector. Our shared commitment to making a meaningful impact is evident in our dedication to helping you achieve your mission. We work alongside you, offering a wealth of experience and enthusiasm. Together, we can create a brighter future.

Tailored Solutions

Our tailored approach, ensures we customise our strategies to align with your unique needs and goals. We understand that every charity and public sector organisation is distinct, and by working closely with you, we're dedicated to crafting a recruitment solution that fits your specific requirements and objectives. 

Discover How We Can Transform Your ED&I Goals

We are committed to driving positive change through our cutting-edge ED&I strategies. If you're passionate about fostering a more inclusive and diverse environment but aren't sure where to begin, we invite you to connect with us. Our team of experts is dedicated to tailoring solutions to your unique needs and helping you realise your ED&I goals. Whether you're just starting your journey or seeking to enhance your existing initiatives, we're here to collaborate. Let's embark on this transformative journey together. Reach out to us today and discover how we can be the catalyst for meaningful change.

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Equitable Hiring: Get Guidance On Promoting Diversity & Inclusion

This guides offer comprehensive strategies for organisations in the charity and public sectors to foster equality and diversity within their hiring processes. 

Download your copy to take the first step towards creating a more inclusive and diverse workforce in your organisation or get in touch to book a consultation call.

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Since 2012, we have excelled in forging connections between top-tier Digital, Big Data, Technology, and Engineering talent and forward-thinking organisations within the Charity, Not-For-Profit, and Public Sector sphere.

Understanding Recruitment NFP set up as part of the Understanding Recruitment Group.
Specialist consultants with knowledge of your sector on hand to connect you with the best DDaT talent.
Digital, Data, Tech & Engineering professionals matched with their dream jobs across the UK.
Clients we've partnered with over the years in the Nonprofit, Charity, and Public Sectors.

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Unlock valuable insights into the Non-Profit (NFP) and Public Sector job market by downloading your free copy of our comprehensive Talent & Salary Reports.

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Partnering for Progress: Building a Brighter Future

Is your organisation in the non-profit or public sector seeking dedicated professionals who can drive positive change? We're here to help you find passionate, talented individuals ready to make a meaningful impact. Let's collaborate to create a better world together. Reach out today and discover how we can connect you with purpose-driven professionals. 

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