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We're The Not-For-Profit Recruitment Experts

Since 2012, we have excelled in forging connections between top-tier Digital, Big Data, Technology, and Engineering talent and forward-thinking organisations within the Charity, Not-For-Profit, and Public Sector sphere.

Transforming the tech talent landscape of the not for profit sector.



In the era of digital innovation, we connect you with the essential talent required for a successful digital transformation, enhancing your marketing, analytics, and fundraising capabilities.

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Big Data

We're here to boost your data game as you make the move to Salesforce or Dynamics CRM. Plus, we've got your back when it comes to all things data management along the way.

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IT & Tech

We join forces with organisations of all sizes to find the best professionals who will power their technical transformations, leveraging our specialism in tech recruitment and our deep understanding of the challenges Charities and Not-For-Profits face.

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We carefully handpick and assess engineering pros, making sure they're top-notch in the tech game. We're all about finding talent that not only keeps up with the latest tech trends but also brings creative problem-solving skills to the table.

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We pledge our full support to #ShowTheSalary and commit to displaying salaries on all our adverts.

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Some Of Our Public Sector & Charity Clients

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Partnering for Progress: Building a Brighter Future

Is your organisation in the non-profit or public sector seeking dedicated professionals who can drive positive change? We're here to help you find passionate, talented individuals ready to make a meaningful impact. Let's collaborate to create a better world together. Reach out today and discover how we can connect you with purpose-driven professionals. 

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