2024 Public Sector Data Engineering Salary & Talent Report



Data has become the lifeblood of modern governance, driving informed decision-making and policy formulation. Our Data Engineering Talent & Salary Report delves into the dynamic world of data engineering within the public sector. Explore leading employers, identify hubs of data engineering expertise, stay abreast of industry shifts, and access salary data tailored to the public sector. Whether you're tasked with building data-driven capabilities or seeking opportunities in this burgeoning field, this report provides the essential roadmap for success.

As data continues to serve as a cornerstone of governmental decision-making, the demand for skilled data engineers in the public sector remains robust. This report illuminates the leading employers, regional hotspots for data engineering talent, prevailing industry trends, and salary benchmarks. Whether you're a hiring manager seeking to build a data-driven infrastructure or a candidate exploring opportunities, this report provides actionable insights to inform your strategy.


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