2024 Public Sector Cyber Salary & Talent Report



In an era where cyber threats loom large, the public sector faces unique challenges in safeguarding critical infrastructure and sensitive data. Our Cyber Talent & Salary Report offers a deep dive into the realm of cybersecurity within governmental organisations. Discover the top employers shaping the field, pinpoint geographic clusters of cyber talent, track industry trends, and explore salary benchmarks. Whether you're a hiring manager seeking to fortify your team or a candidate looking to make an impact in cybersecurity, this report equips you with the insights needed to thrive in this pivotal sector.

In the realm of cybersecurity within the public sector, this report offers a detailed analysis of top employers, geographic concentrations of talent, prevailing industry trends, and comprehensive salary data. From threat mitigation strategies to emerging technologies, this report equips hiring managers and candidates with the knowledge necessary to navigate the competitive landscape of cyber talent recruitment.


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