2024 Charity Digital Salary & Talent Report



In the ever-evolving digital landscape of the charity sector, certain organisations stand out as leaders in attracting and nurturing top digital talent. This report explores the top employers within the charity sector for digital professionals, providing insights into key trends, benefits, and salary trends. Understanding where top digital talent is gravitating towards can inform recruitment strategies and help charities stay competitive in the digital space.

Certain charities have emerged as leaders in digital innovation within the sector, serving as magnets for top digital talent. This report examines who they are, key trends in the industry, locations, and benefits.

Moreover, it delves into salary data, highlighting the compensation packages offered to digital professionals. By understanding the salary benchmarks set by industry leaders, charities can adjust their compensation strategies to attract and retain top digital talent effectively.

Check out our latest LinkedIn Live where Harry Christaki, Digital Consultant, talks through the report...

📊 Exclusive Insights: Gain access to insights and analysis tailored for Hiring Managers and Candidates, offering perspectives on talent acquisition strategies and career development. 

💡 Expert Commentary: Hear directly from Harry Christaki as he shares his expertise, providing valuable insights for Hiring Managers on optimising recruitment strategies and offering guidance to Candidates on navigating the job market. 

🌐 Global Outlook: Explore the worldwide landscape of Digital in Charity talent and salary trends, enabling Hiring Managers to make informed decisions and Candidates to understand market expectations. 

💰 Salary Guidance: Get detailed salary guidance to help both Hiring Managers and Candidates benchmark and negotiate compensation effectively.


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