WaterAid Case Study


About The Client

WaterAid is a renowned international non-governmental organisation dedicated to improving access to clean water, sanitation, and hygiene in some of the world’s poorest communities. With a mission to ensure that everyone, everywhere has these basic needs met by 2030, WaterAid operates in over 30 countries, implementing sustainable projects and advocating for policy changes. As an organisation reliant on precise data management for donor relations and project planning, WaterAid sought a skilled Data Selections Officer to enhance their data operations. This need led to a revitalised partnership with Understanding Recruitment NFP.

Learn how Understanding Recruitment NFP revitalised their partnership with WaterAid by successfully placing a crucial role and providing strategic hiring solutions, resulting in a strengthened relationship and impactful hires.

The Challenges

WaterAid initially sought a Data Selections Officer for a 3-month fixed-term contract (FTC) or a permanent position. However, the salary offered was insufficient to attract the right calibre of candidates, especially for such a short-term contract. Convincing WaterAid to opt for a more flexible and appealing hiring strategy posed a significant challenge. They were also working with multiple agencies and struggling to secure suitable candidates.


The Solution

Understanding Recruitment NFP proposed a day-rate contract for 3-4 days a week over three months. This approach allowed WaterAid to "try before you buy," assessing the candidate’s fit before offering a permanent position. Concurrently, we continued searching for a permanent candidate as a backup. Our honesty and commitment to finding the best candidates led WaterAid to work exclusively with us.



We initially identified four strong candidates, but they were too senior for the role. We then recommended a candidate with the necessary SQL skills and relevant charity experience. After a prompt interview on the same day of our recommendation, the candidate was offered the position. She impressed the team and was offered a permanent position after her three-month contract ended. This success led to a renewed and strengthened relationship, with the client referring other roles to us.


How Understanding Recruitment NFP Added Value

We hosted multiple meetings and maintained regular communication with WaterAid to ensure we had a deep understanding of their needs. By closely working with the hiring manager and offering tailored advice, we secured the right candidates efficiently. Our honesty and effectiveness led WaterAid to choose us as their exclusive hiring partner.

Just some of the roles we have filled for WaterAid:
  • Data Selection Officers & Managers
  • SQL Officers
  • Digital Analysts
  • Marketing Selections Analyst



The collaboration between Understanding Recruitment NFP and WaterAid showcases the power of tailored recruitment strategies and strong client relationships. By converting a challenging brief into a successful placement, we not only filled a crucial role but also revitalised a longstanding partnership. Our approach ensured WaterAid had the right talent to drive their mission forward.


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