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National Deaf Children's Society

About The Client

The National Deaf Children's Society (NDCS) stands as a beacon of support for deaf children and their families across the UK. At its core, NDCS is dedicated to breaking down barriers that hinder the development and opportunities of deaf children, advocating tirelessly for their rights and inclusion. From the very outset, the organisation provides a wide array of services encompassing educational support, family guidance, and community engagement initiatives.

Central to NDCS's mission is ensuring that deaf children receive the educational support they need to thrive. This encompasses a multifaceted approach, including advocating for specialised provisions in schools, providing invaluable resources for educators and families alike, and empowering deaf children to navigate the educational landscape confidently. Through their unwavering commitment, NDCS works to level the playing field, ensuring that deaf children have equitable access to education and are empowered to reach their full potential.

Discover how Understanding Recruitment NFP successfully partnered with the National Deaf Children's Society to fill critical Digital and Technology Chapter Lead roles, enhancing the charity's operational growth and agile transformation.
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The Challenges

NDCS faced the challenge of filling two highly specialised and crucial roles: Digital Chapter Lead and Technology Chapter Lead. These roles were vital for the charity’s growth and transition to a fully agile framework. The positions required unique skill sets, and NDCS needed to fill them quickly to support their operational needs. Recognising the complexity and importance of these roles, NDCS decided not to recruit independently or use a different agency. Instead, they sought the expertise of Understanding Recruitment NFP, a trusted partner with a proven track record.


The Solution

Understanding Recruitment NFP, having a long-standing relationship with NDCS, revitalised their collaboration through the successful placement of a senior data manager. The team worked closely with NDCS’s Chief Information Officer and Chief Operations Officer to deeply understand the requirements. They spent over 45 minutes qualifying the roles, advised NDCS to narrow their salary band from £40-80k to £60-75k to match market rates, and ensured dedicated and comprehensive recruitment efforts. Bespoke advertisements were created, highlighting the partnership with NDCS to attract high-quality candidates. Additionally, Understanding Recruitment NFP had exclusivity on these positions, allowing them to fully commit to finding the best candidates.



The recruitment process began in January 2024 and was impressively swift. Understanding Recruitment NFP sent six CVs for each role within a few days. Four candidates from each pool were selected for initial interviews, with two advancing to final interviews. By early February, both Chapter Lead roles were filled. Moreover, an additional role was filled by the following week with a candidate initially considered for the Chapter Lead positions. In total, three positions were successfully filled from the original two vacancies, showcasing the efficiency and effectiveness of the recruitment process.


How Understanding Recruitment NFP Added Value

Understanding Recruitment NFP added significant value through several key actions:

  • Client Meetings: Hosted multiple client meetings to ensure an in-depth understanding of the job roles.
  • Regular Check-ins: Maintained regular communication to support the booking of screening calls and interviews.
  • Bespoke Advertisements: Created targeted advertisements emphasising the partnership with NDCS.
  • Availability: Provided constant support and availability to ensure a seamless and time-efficient recruitment process.


Just some of the 20+ key roles we’ve filled for NDCS:
  • Chapter Lead
  • Transformation Lead
  • SQL Developer
  • CRM Manager
  • IS Developer
  • SharePoint Developer
  • Head of App Support
  • IT System Analyst
  • Database Developer
  • Digital Project Manager
  • Senior Direct Marketing Executive


The partnership between Understanding Recruitment NFP and the National Deaf Children's Society was a resounding success. By leveraging their deep industry knowledge, dedicated approach, and strong client relationship, Understanding Recruitment NFP efficiently filled three crucial roles that will significantly contribute to NDCS’s growth and operational success. The collaboration not only addressed immediate hiring needs but also reinforced a strong, ongoing partnership poised to support future recruitment efforts.

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