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About The Client

Barnardo's is a renowned UK-based charity dedicated to transforming the lives of the most vulnerable children and young people. With a history spanning over 150 years, Barnardo's works to protect, support, and nurture children through a wide range of services including fostering, adoption, vocational training, and counselling. Their mission is to ensure every child has the best possible start in life, regardless of their circumstances. They strive to create a world where no child feels alone or excluded.

See how Understanding Recruitment NFP helped Barnardo's overcome recruitment challenges and secure top talent for their Dynamics 365 projects, enhancing their technical capabilities and supporting their mission to help vulnerable children and families.
Application Engineers secured
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Placements made since 2016

The Challenges

When Barnardo's initially approached Understanding Recruitment NFP, they were facing significant challenges in sourcing candidates with the specific technical expertise required for their Dynamics 365 projects. The scarcity of suitable applicants and the competitive nature of the talent market compounded their difficulties. Without external assistance, they struggled to attract and retain candidates who met their high standards for technical proficiency and cultural fit.


The Solution

Understanding Recruitment NFP had a long-standing relationship with Barnardo's, having been a trusted recruitment partner since 2016. When Barnardo's sought two application engineers, we reviewed their brief and recommended adjustments to the seniority level and provided insights into market salaries. This approach broadened the candidate pool while ensuring the roles remained attractive and competitive.

Our team worked closely with Audrey Barr, Senior Manager – Operating Technology, and Stephen Knowles, Applications Manager, to refine the job descriptions and align them with market expectations. Through our extensive network and targeted recruitment strategies, we managed to provide a strong shortlist of candidates, even without exclusivity in the hiring process.



Over a period of six weeks, we successfully filled both application engineer roles. We reviewed approximately 50 candidates, conducted thorough evaluations, and facilitated interviews with five promising individuals. Ultimately, two candidates were selected and hired, both of whom met Barnardo's criteria for technical skills and organisational alignment.

The addition of these skilled professionals significantly enhanced Barnardo's technical capabilities, enabling the successful execution of key projects and improving overall efficiency and innovation within the organisation.


How Understanding Recruitment NFP Added Value

Beyond sourcing top-tier talent, Understanding Recruitment NFP added value through several key initiatives:

Regular Ongoing Support: We maintained regular catch-ups with Barnardo's to provide continuous support throughout the recruitment process.

Interview Facilitation: Our team facilitated the interviews, streamlining the selection process and ensuring a smooth candidate experience.

Marketing Collateral Development: We assisted in creating compelling marketing collateral to attract potential candidates, highlighting the unique benefits of working with Barnardo's.

Our comprehensive approach ensured that Barnardo's received not only the best candidates but also the necessary support to make informed hiring decisions quickly and effectively.


Just some of the 40+ placements we’ve made:
  • Dynamics 365 SME
  • Dynamics Engineers
  • Delivery Managers
  • System & Application Engineers
  • Infrastructure & Systems Engineer
  • Data Governance Officers & Managers
  • Data Engineers
  • Quality Officers
  • Product Managers
  • Research & Evaluation Manager & Lead
  • Service Support Engineers
  • DevOps Engineers
  • Data Selection Officers
  • SQL Developers
  • Head of Data & Insight
  • BI Analysts
  • Fundraising Compliance Manager
  • Salesforce System Analysts & Developers



Understanding Recruitment NFP's partnership with Barnardo's exemplifies our commitment to delivering exceptional recruitment solutions tailored to our clients' unique needs. By leveraging our expertise and industry insights, we addressed Barnardo's staffing challenges, enabling them to continue their vital work in supporting vulnerable children and families. 

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