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Our Engineering Recruitment team connects talented engineers with job opportunities in charitable organisations and the public sector. We recognise the unique challenges these sectors face, such as limited budgets, bureaucratic processes, and competition with the private sector. Our mission is to help bridge the gap by addressing these challenges, enabling engineers to find meaningful roles and organisations to secure the engineering expertise they require to make a difference in our communities.

Engineering Roles We Recruit For:

We recruit for various roles in data engineering to support organisations in managing and leveraging their data effectively. These roles include Data Engineers, Senior Data Engineers, Lead/Principal Data Engineers, and Heads of Data Engineering. 

We also cover various Business Intelligence roles, including Business Intelligence Developers, Senior Business Intelligence Developers, Lead/Principal Business Intelligence Developers, and Heads of Business Intelligence. 

We specialise in recruiting for a variety of data-related positions, including Database Developers, SQL Developers, ETL Developers, and Data Warehouse Engineers. 

Our recruiting services are dedicated to matching candidates with various software engineering roles, including Software Engineers, Senior Software Engineers, Lead/Principal Software Engineers, and Heads of Software Engineering. 

For candidates and clients alike, we're your go-to source for tech roles. Whether you're a Front End (JavaScript) Developer, Full Stack (TypeScript/Node.js) Developer, .NET Developer, Python Developer, Java Developer, PHP Developer, or React Developer, we've got you covered, no matter your coding language or tech stack!

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