Chris Jackson

Founding Director

Chris has worked in the technical recruitment market since he was 21 (and has gone through a huge amount of good and tough times economically). He previously worked with a company called Computer People and worked his way up to a director level. After 13 years of service, he decided it was the right time to commence the Understanding Recruitment project and build an organisation based on high performance, quality, and values. His role as CEO is to ensure that the business is developing, growing, and maximising suitable opportunities within the market whilst maintaining our strong inherent values. A key focus has been the investment and care taken especially around employee welfare and engagement therefore Chris will always be available for client meetings and pitches! He is proud to know the business inside out and the industry to add good value to clients on their technical staffing needs and how Understanding Recruitment can support them across all our specialisms. There are many aspects of his role he enjoys, however, if he had to pick one it would be all staff promotions as he knows the hard work that it takes and how much it means to everyone!

A little-known fact about Chris is that he has run the Medoc wine marathon (and would hugely recommend it!).